Management of 2 NIC's running 2 LANS

Just wondering if someone could point me to some links on the internet where I can do some reading about the above. (have been on Google all day) One lan is necessary for internet access, the other is to control a render farm and has a static IP address. I just want to find out about how they affect eachother etc. One problem I am having is internet access is disabled if i enable both lans.
Thanks all.
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  1. I assume on one computer you have 2 NICs. You need to Bridge your cards. Win XP/2000 will detect both cards and will ask you if you want to Bridge them. You cannot bridge a card that is static ip and one as dynamic ip, its one or the other, not both. Also, if your network is eg. 192.168.X.X, you can bridge a subnet of with (the third octect of the IP is different). Then set the gateway accordingly.
  2. Thanks,
    Unfortunately yes, one has to remain DHCP and the other static. No choice in this Im afraid. I see a lot about the bridging on the net but I think this could be a security threat if I tried to bridge anyway. Is there a good place for further (simple) reading on the net?
    Thanks for reply
  3. So, what you are trying to do, is use this PC with dual NICs, to communicate with both your render farm, and the internet? But you do not want to pass traffic between them, i.e. bridging?

    So what I understand is you simply want to have access to both networks from this dual-homed PC, and when you turn on both NICs, you lose internet access.

    This may be an issue with your routing table on your PC. Ensure that your internal (no internet) NIC does not have a gateway specified in it. A gateway will cause the PC to send internet traffic that direction. You only want the external (internet) side of the PC to have a gateway, DNS, etc... Ensure your two LANs are disparate as far as the subnet goes, as well.

    I would imagine a good place to start if you want to read about this sort of thing would be the Network+ Certification study guides.
  4. Thank you, that is exactly what was stopping the 2 Networks from running smoothly.
    Appreciate it.
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