Toshiba recovery disk download nb205-n330pk

My daughter notebook computer boots only to blank screen. I can get to bios looks like I need a recovery but computer has no cd ROM drive. Toshiba recovery nb205-n330pk
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  1. Toshiba doesn't have a download , they ask for $29.99 if you call their support
  2. someone else posted this in another thread but I cant find what hes talking about or where to download it atualization in the bios , Im sticking with hp next time their support site is much easier.

    "the Last week, I finally solved the problem. I did a download of the BIOS's atualization program directly of the Toshiba's site. So, I executed the program and now, my computer is working well."

    Thank's for all.
  3. you can get an external dvd drive that connects using a usb leed,

    borrow a windows 7 disk from a friend, boot of it then do a repair with it

    this should fix your problems

    this is the kind of dvd drive you need
  4. You can also install windows 7 via usb stick.
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