windows stuck in reboot loop?

Hello all,
I had a P4 3.0gh on a integrated Asrock Socket 775 MB, 512ram, LG Cd/RWIf I was lucky it would last 30min before shutting down, I would power up and it would shut down before post. I don't have any other peripherals to test with, I changed the ram, still shut down, changed PS, still shut down. I figured it was the MB, so I bought an Asus P5GV-MX, replaced it with the same parts as mentioned. Did the first boot, one beep, did the post, NOW here is another problem that I have no idea why :(. it gets to the windows xp logo screen and reboots, shows the safe mood screen, I tried all options and it just reboots.
I know I had to install the new MB drivers, but it won't give me the chance.

Any help, advice or information I certainly would greatly appreciate it with much thanks,

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  1. I work as an HP tech support agent and we get this issue commonly. When the PC starts up, hit F8 to bring up the boot to menu.. (its slightly different than the boot to menu that might be comming up for you now), it has an option in it that says something like "Restart System Upon System Error", make sure this option is set to 'Disable' and then press enter to continue. Chances are your system simply needs to finish doing some sort of chkdsk before windows will let you load into it and its stuck in a boot loop because of this setting. I hope that helps.
  2. thanks zero,
    the F8 gives me the same safe mode screen, safe mood, with Networking, with cm prompt, last known configuration or start windows normally. I looked in the bios to disable "Restart system upon system Error" couldn't find anything like that.

  3. My guess is that it is a problem with the motherboard drivers too.

    Try disabling irrelevant integrated hardware from bios (sound, network etc.) might get it to boot after that.
  4. Thanks for the reply, tried your suggestion, no luck

    hopefully someone else might have some ideas.
  5. I assume you're using a HDD with an existing OS on it? If so, it has your old hardware drivers on it, and chances are, it's not going to boot. Drivers for X mobo will not play nice with Y mobo.

    I had a aimilar issue the other day after cleaning up the wiring in my case. Somehow the boot order changed and it was going to my old HDD from my last rig. It would get to windows logo, then blue screen and reboot.

    Unfortunately, you're going to have to format your drive to use a new mobo. Unless you have another HDD you can install windows on.
  6. You could just try re-installing Windows. That's what I did when I changed mobo last time.
  7. Thanks guys,
    thats what I'm going to try to do, re-install windows, hopefully I won't loose any old info

    I'll post results

  8. Thanks Dragon
    that worked

    thanks all for the suggestions
  9. No problem. There are certain things to try if you're having Windows problems:

    1. Restart - strangely solves a lot of things
    2. Reinstall Windows
    3. Format the drive and reinstall Windows

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