Can ATI All In Wonder 2006 PCIe DVI output drive LCD?

Setup a new computer to be using a big tv display for a monitor. Bought a new All In Wonder and a new Toshiba 32" lcd with HDMI port

Then spent $150 in cables to connect DVI to HDMI? the ATI card has 2 monitor outputs, one regular connector for a monitor, and the DVI

I read the instructions with the Toshiba monitor/tv, and while it has the regular VGA PC connector, I want a nice picture and want to try this HDMI interface out which I know nothing of.

The instructions say DO NOT EVER connect the Toshibas HDMI port to a PC computer! but it doesnt say why. now I paid $ for the new LCD tv but Im REALLY curious and will have to try hard not to connect it to see what happens. if this is a dumb oh yeah, the LCD question? please let me know

An interface thats standardized as these are? should NEVER have warnings not to connect them where they easily fit, I bought cables to match the 2 types up. Why doesnt the electrical interface know better and have smarts to not put the tv in some unsupported mode?? this makes no sense right now so any explanations are greatly appreciated
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  1. get a regular vga or rgb connect adapter for dvi and use it.
    bypass the hdmi.

    probably the reason is hdmi carries video and audio.
  2. bypass the HDMI? well I bought the cables to match up to HDMI and the ATI board only has 1 regular vga output.

    The store is a long ways away.

    So trying to read up on HDMI, it appears the DVI adapter to HDMI cable means it just wont include the audio and thats what you wrote there, but it never said dont hook it up because it will catch on fire and all the parts will melt and who knows what can happen? chaos?

    Im equally as shocked at the LCD tv manual saying DONT EVER hook in a PC computers DVI/HDMI setup. why?

    My ATI card has DVI-I and it should make the picture, if the audio doesnt get thru? couldnt the audio cables work for that?

    And this TV has an ethernet port to somehow send it files or music to play

    But the HDMI cable is going in there unless someone can tell me why not. its going in there.... its almost there.... okay Ill wait to see what the reasons are. I stepped away from the cable.
  3. Quote:
    bypass the HDMI? well I bought the cables to match up to HDMI and the ATI board only has 1 regular vga output.

    for video run the vga from the card to the vga on the monitor.
    there wont be any loss of video.


    if the audio doesnt get thru? couldnt the audio cables work for that?

  4. Quote:
    bypass the HDMI? well I bought the cables to match up to HDMI and the ATI board only has 1 regular vga output.

    for video run the vga from the card to the vga on the monitor.
    there wont be any loss of video.


    if the audio doesnt get thru? couldnt the audio cables work for that?


    Okay well the problem is I want 2 monitors going.

    this one for default use, the gigantic tv monitor for other things. I was under the belief the HDMI would work just for video, who cares

    will the HDMI connect up to the video card without catching on fire?

    it will be days until I get back to that store, that means only one monitor at a time.

    unacceptable. must have 2 monitors.

    comes out of ATI card with breakout cable with vga

    other part of ATI card has DVI connector.

    THIS monitor I use now is a DELL flat panel but doesnt appear to have anything besides the regular vga connector, otherwise Id put the DVI into this and use the vga for the tv.

    but why wont the HDMI setup work? why would the tv user book say dont hook them up?
  5. try this

    maybe it will help.

    i have used dvi, hdmi and rgb adapters and never had any problems.
    or i havent ever had a fire 8O

    hopefully you wont.
  6. okay, the Crutchfield article is good, but doesnt answer the question. this and other info suggests the HDMI cable wont burn up, but somewhere I read that if the PC card tries to drive the LCD monitor at 1080i (whatever that is supposed to mean) and the monitor cannot hang? the monitor will be chewed up and chunks will fall off and the monitor has to be thrown away.

    Im still at tier1 from Toshiba support, the response was if the manual says something, just do that...

    So there really are 2 problems here, one is MY LCD and the other is this bizzare shortcoming in HDMI technology that simply WOULD NOT HAPPEN if it was done by the IEEE. How is it possible that equipment can be damaged inadvertently by making a connection?? seems REALLY lazy on the part of HDMI technology users

    Somewhere it said that a fast scan rate or ? could make the LCD tv monitor picture go black and burn out something

    So I want to find out what will happen by connecting the ATI card to this Toshiba tv set with the HDMI cable
  7. So I got to tier 2 support with Toshiba, which was a nice person who knew what HDMI kind of was. he said connecting it to the PC would not work, whats more, it would either just not work, or not work and damage the tv and possibly the computer, erasing files on your disk.

    I asked about the firmware level communication, he didnt know except the signal from the PC is different and wouldnt work with this Toshiba tv on the HDMI port, he said its not worth the risk of trying it

    but nothing at a detailed level.

    So I connected it up and tried it. it worked fine EXCEPT what no one could tell me, and no articles indicated, was that the screen size was too big. the upper right _ D X were not visible, only part of the system tray was visible.

    The book says the resolution is 768x1024 XGA? but setting the ATI video card to that resolution makes it appear stretched out because it is the extra wide tv.

    And the first thing I wanted to do was see how good the resolution would work at higher settings, but didnt do it. 768 x 1280 makes the screen wide and about "normal" and not stretched but still goes off the edges

    Clearly what I need is the <a href =">Dell 30" monitor</a> that has 2560 x 1600 resolution at 30 inches

    I will probably have to just give this new Toshiba away to a friend and get a Dell. whatever happened to that dude Dell guy ? the commercials just stopped.

    So answer is HDMI is so new, so incomplete that it doesnt work right. This is translated to "dont connect the PC computer to the tv using HDMI" because we havent done our engineering work yet.
  8. You need an HDMI video card like the MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus ( ) to output HDMI from your comp. Toshiba DID do their homework about HDMI - the HDMI input to their product works and requires that the other end of the cable come from an HDMI output. They also know that computer in general (other than a very select few NEW vid cards) DON'T output HDMI and they know that to the layperson, "computer output" means VGA or DVI which are both incompatible with HDMI.

    The picture quality of DVI and the sound quality of Optical or Digital_Coax are fantastic so use those instead of the all-in-one HDMI. If you really want to use HDMI though, get the NX7600GT video card for your comp. The people you talk to in tech support are not engineers and sadly do not represent the technical expertise of the company.

  9. ah okay thanks. the HDMI does work but the pix is off the screen a bit, and cant be adjusted, so its close but not quite ok

    the motherboard is supposed to have lots of audio stuff, Asus P5W DH and is made to use 2 video cards hooked together

    With the tv connected up to the VGA regular cable, the pix is still off the screen a bit and cannot be adjusted. the Start button has part of the "S" missing, the top of the screen intersects the upper right X at the middle of the X.

    1024 x 768 at this size is grainy, and it MUST be set to 60Hz

    Have you used the Toshiba thinq setup to have it play files off the computer from the ethernet port?
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