Did I fry my vid card - Advice and suggestions appreciated

I was curious if someone might be able to help me out with a small problem. I swapped out the stock cooler on my 1900XT with a new Thermalright HR03 and also upgraded my cooler to a Scythe Ninja (I had to take out the mobo but I plugged everything back correctly - I've checked several times).
Well as I was about to put the vid card back I realized that I wouldn't be able to have both the vid card and my tv tuner since the heatsink is much larger and would cover the x1PCIe slot. So I had the bright idea to put the card in the secondary PCIe slot. I powered the machine on and it went on. The display was a default size - it posted, loaded up windows and, got me to the login screen. At this point the screen flickered a few times and the computer shut off.
I quickly unplugged it and then tried to just use the primary but now the system won't power on. When I try to turn it on the fans will turn on for a second and then stop. I know the PSU is still good since the fan in it blows not to mention the mobo light is on.
My questions are - Have I fried my video card - was putting it into the secondary not the right things to do (I was under the impression that crossfire/dual PCIe slots allowed one to place the video card wherever and still receive the benefit of x16 speed)? If not, what other things might be hindering the computer from turning on that I haven't considered?

Thanks for your help

My system is:
E6700 @ 3.33
2 gb G.Skill
Sapphire 1900XT 512
powercolor tv tuner
Creative xtrememusic x-fi
I'm not sure what else would be relevant so if someone needs to know hdd or what kinda burner let me know
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More about card advice suggestions appreciated
  1. Clear the CMOS memory by removing the battery and moving the jumper. Also, while I'm not saying it's the psu, don't discount that it's the problem because the fan spins and the motherboard light is on, they don't require that much power.

    Sounds like you aren't POSTing so it's a hardware problem with the motherboard, ram, video card or processor (or bios as stated above).

    Double check that you didn't losen any of the power connections and that the video card is in it's slot correctly and the power molex to the video card is connected.
  2. Basically, everything that Waylander said, plus that possibility that you did fry the card by putting it into an inappropriate slot. Unless I missed it, I didn't see the type/power of your psu. Its possible that a short occured that would fry it as well, and if luck really turns bad, the motherboard, etc.
    Even if Waylander's suggestions work and nothing is damaged, take a lesson from this and don't put electrical parts where they aren't designed to go.
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