Problem with laptop card reader

Hi all. My first post.

I am using an Acer laptop. There is an inbuilt card reader that can read SD/MMC card on the left side. It USED to work. I have used it for over 20 times I reckon. But suddenly now all my SD cards are "write-protected".

All the cards are unlocked, but still it is write protected. The reader can detect the card, but I can't put files inside. I don't remember touching the settings....

Any solutions for me?

*Definitely NOT card problem because I have used 5-6 working cards already. All can transfer data thru digital camera*
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  1. any solutions for me?
  2. If I am posting in the wrong forum pls let me know.

    Or if I am not giving enough information of my problem pls let me know.
  3. almost 1 mth now... anyone can help?
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    It's an Acer Laptop not exactly the best availible. Was it a Wal-Mart special? Sounds like the card reader is faulty. You can tru updateing drivers but i don't think it will help. Not much you can do really. Just have to use your camera or get a USB card reader.

    BTW if you don't get a responce within the first 48 hours chances are you won't get one. If you don't get a responce in that time frame it would be a good idea to repost in a diffrent section. In this case the Storage section would be a good alternative. Some sections have more people checking back on things then others.

    thanks for reply!!

    the weird thing is i can copy and files in the SD card and copy it into my computer but i can't copy files INTO sd card.
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    Sounds like some setting in windows is not right. Have you tried having windows refresh the drivers for it?

    no new drivers
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    Well then maybe a repair install of windows would help though i doubt you have the disk needed. SO i'd say your just stuck with it. I can't think of much else you can do with it.

    thanks at least you tried. appreciated it...
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