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I'd like to set up a webcam for my office. I've purchased the IP Kamera
9000A Plus at

This camera does not require a computer and it will FTP images to directly
to an FTP site of your choice, but has no provision for naming the uploaded
images. The camera's software creates a folder each day on the FTP site and
the folder's name is the current date. For example, today's folder is named
"7_20_2005". Each image that is placed in the folder is named by the time
the image was taken. For example, an image might be named 11_30_55.jpg. I
have no control over the naming of the folder or the image files that are
uploaded to the FTP server. I'd like to create a webpage that will refresh
with the most recent image from the FTP site. Does anyone have any ideas how
I could do this? Of course, this would not be a problem if the image name
and folder name stayed the same.

BTW- The camera does have a web server and it is possible to access the
images directly. However, I do not have access to my office router's
configuration and I am unable to forward ports. Any help will be greatly
appreciated. The camera's manual is at

Thank you,
Steve Smith
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I finally received a reply from Aviosys and they said the camera did not
    offer the FTP functionality I wanted. Aviosys sent me the SDK firmware
    files for this camera (IP Kamera 9000A
    Plus). It's Linux and I'm not familiar enough with Linux to change the way
    the program handles the naming of FTP'd files. I'll be glad to email the SDK
    to anyone who wants to tinker with it. For now, I'm going to forward a port
    in the router to the camera's built-in webserver.

    Steve Smith
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