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I bought a copy of the Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit version the other day. I have tried to install it twice now, with failed attempts both times. The first time I tried to install it, the installation failed about halfway thru giving me a message saying that the installation stopped due to corrupt or missing data. I then proceeded to boot from the windows disk again and deleted/formatted that failed partition. I tried the installation over again and let it run thru the night. Now what is happening is my computer won't boot up. All that happens is it gets stuck on the "Starting Windows" screen. It stays on that screen for about 5 mins then the computer automatically restarts itself. This cycle then repeats. What am I supposed to do? This drive that I'm installing it to worked fine before when I had Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit installed on it...
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  1. return the install disk and get another one,

    you should be able to borrow a copy of a friend if they own an install disk and just use your key

    if they have a differnet version of windows (still got to be an x64 install disk)
    you can copy the disk to your computer/or his then go to the sources folder and delete the ei.cfg file from the sources folder and burn all the files to a new dvd

    this will let you install any version from that disk but you can only activate the version you have the key for
  2. If you bought an OEM upgrade version you will have to do a clean install with XP or Vista installed first. You can't down grade from win 7 Ultimate to win 7 home. Why would you want to down grade anyway?
  3. I bought a new hard drive (Samsung Spinpoint), and Windows 7 installed flawlessly. Maybe there is something wrong with my drive? It's a Western Digital Caviar SE (model number WD2500JS). It's a 250 GB drive. It says it was manufactured 05 Nov 2006. Is there a way I can do a format of this drive without using a Windows disk? I already tried reformatting it using the Windows disk and it didn't change anything.
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