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First timer needs help with a case and PSU.

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December 29, 2006 4:15:38 PM

Hi everyone! I'm building a computer for the first time (really excited about it!) but there is something that's confusing me: the case. I plan on using this mother board and I'm unclear if this case will be compatible with the board. The form factor for both seems to be ATX but there has to be something else that determines if they'll work together, right?

Also, will this power supply be enough to run a GeForce 8800GTS? I do NOT plan on using two cards at once; the motherboard I want doesn't support it and it seems like overkill (can you imagine?). The PSU seems like a bargain but there has to be a reason it's so inexpensive. I don't know my brands!

Thank you everyone!

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December 31, 2006 3:59:07 AM

Advertised amps is 34.... I personally would say its not a good deal, but not necessarily for what he wants to do. For what he wants, might be OK, but not a lot of overhead. Can't find a q & d comparison on it, and don't trust new egg reviews.

Personally the case looks a bit dodgy for airflow, not enough provided fans... But again, for what the OP wants to do probably adequate.

Meh... average, but probably adequate. (personally, I'd go with less lights and more fans... Looks too alienware-ish for my taste.)
December 31, 2006 4:26:05 AM

I believe that we are both saying the same thing... Its a dodgy PSU, minimum for the OP's needs, but what the OP seems to want is lots of 'flash'. It should work, but who knows for how long. Same with the case. I've never had a case with a side window, and wouldn't waste 5 p on any lights, but each to their own. I hate plastic, tends to break. I really don't like case doors, tell the truth.
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December 31, 2006 9:32:16 PM

Sorry guys, I thought this post was, er, dead. I've been getting suggestions on the Homebuilt forum, though. You both bring up a lot of good points on the case. I really don't care if it's flashy or not--the reviewers seemed to love it though. I guess the reviewers on Newegg aren't the best thing to rely on though. Hehe, I'm still learning.

With the help of a few people I've changed my PSU to: Antec NeoPower NeoHE.

I'm still not sure what to look for in a good case though.

EDIT: This is the post where I've been gathering advice.

I did look at the message at the top of the page (albeit, after I posted this; yeah, I know) but 95% of it I didn't understand. I did follow the link to the XtremeSystems' forums and saw that Raidmax was tier 5, so I resumed my search and found this PSU, which was tier 3. Got bad input though in my other thread so I moved on.
December 31, 2006 9:45:01 PM

Better choice in a PSU...

Antec, thermaltake and coolermaster are all good case manufacturers.
December 31, 2006 9:47:44 PM

Parts are easier to install in a full tower case, right? Because of the extra space, I mean.
December 31, 2006 9:51:30 PM

Yes, they are. I would also look for a removable MB tray, but that's just me.
December 31, 2006 10:37:08 PM

Hi GuyPerson,
Did you get a case yet?
You can pay a bit more and get a 100% hard-anodized Aluminum case, which will lower your temps an amazing amount.
Steel cases run really hot... even when they have many fans.
Personally, I spend large on cases and powersupplies - very important.
Tempting to go cheap though (with all the other big cash to be spent) heheh...
Lian Li is a huge name in Aluminum cases. Top-quality stuff.
January 1, 2007 5:47:09 PM

That was a great tip OGS. I've never heard anyone mention them before but they seem very popular and well liked on Newegg. Looking at all of the positive feedback I've found a case of their's that I like LIAN LI PC-61 USB Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case. The design is humble, which is a good thing (thanks mpilchfamily!). There's a removable motherboard tray and it's not plastic (as per Croc's advice; thanks!).

What do you guys think?
January 1, 2007 9:02:27 PM

That's a fantastic case.
Good price too! It is $159 bucks (Canadian) at my local shop.
You will find that an excellent investment,