First Build Mobo+RAM Confusion

Few questions, looking at mobos that would match the e6600 processor that I want to run I keep on seeing "JEDEC yadayadayada." what is that? I was wondering if a RAM chip like the Corsair XMS2 or the OCZ S.O.E. would run on the board. The mobo that I am currently considering is the P5B Deluxe. As you can probably tell, I don't know all that much but I probably do have someone walking me through the build.
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  1. I highly recommend this board is cheap and great according to anadtech.
    I have it and I love plus no jdec stuff to worry about. Great overclocker board and im running Corsair XMS in mine.

    Oh and Toms Hardware gives it a good review but I cant find the article
  2. mobo is a great board, as for ram check out this thread it explains everything link
  3. Great links however, I still dont get what JEDEC is, I know that its related to the chipset but anything more is like blank. So even then still not sure if the RAM chips would work, I think that they might...
  4. WELL JEDEC as far as I know is a IDE controller and has had lots of problems with ide hard drives now they may have corrected this problem but I know the Biostar uses a VIA ide controller and as far as I know it hasnt had any problems I have one and it works fine with my optical drives and works great with my Corsair XMS ram. It seems like your leaning toward the P5B may I ask why just curious.
  5. I was actualy swayed by good reviews that I read around the net. Being my first build I really have no clue bout the reps. of mobo companies and it seemed that ASUS was one of the better ones. But if there are some other ones out there, please feel free to point them out to me. Trying to keep the cost low for this system like in the 1500 range so ill probably have to sacrifice some stuff.
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