Which Temp to trust?

New rig (P5W DH Deluxe, E6600, Zalman 9700, 8800 GTX, 2GB Corsair)

Which temp should I trust to be accurate idle temp? Bios says 36C, Core Temp says 46C, Speed fan says System 46, CPU 36, AUX 60, HD0 &1 32 and 34.

Two out of 3 seem to Show 36 which I really would hope is right as opposed to 46. Interestingly enough, I had a stoch HSF, everything reported by all the programs was 10C higher per program...Hmmm..

Too bad my media center won't install correctly, otherwise I could run prime95 and see what the readings were under load.

pah. Stupid Windows.
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  1. Unfortunately the reading you should pay attention to is CoreTemps.
  2. Well My day is just not going so well.....it sits at 46 Idle, and that is 10C lower than when the stock HSF was on it. Pah.....I really don't feel like taking off that 9700 and resetting it...I guess I will just have to wait until I solve my OS problems, then I will run some load test to see how hot it gets under load....dang.

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