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Hey, so my internet / network adaptor disconnects and stop responding randomly. I have to reboot it to get it working again. I have figured out something as well. It is related to my spoolsv and ss when I end task thoughs process my internet goes back up. I wondering does anyone knows why this happens and is there a fix?
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  1. Check to see if your power managment is turning it off to save power. There is also an option on the adaper to alow to shut down to save energy.
  2. Yup turned it off a long time ago. Basicly my ethernet go completely inactive and no responsive at all.
  3. This can also happen with bad hardware. I see this alot on BELKIN products.

    Who is the mfg of the hardware?
  4. well my router I know is working fine with my other comp.

    But ya it's on board Marvell Yukon dual gigabit.
  5. Do you have the latest drives loaded for the Yukon. Mine is not dual but havn't had any problems with it.

    If you are not using both ports disable the spare, see if that helps.
  6. yup using lastest drivers
    also I required dual.... one is for streaming to another unit..
  7. I hate these kind of problems because it could be any driver conflicting with the port or interupt. Make sure you have the latest bios version too. You may want to backup a version or 2 if available and see if the problem still exist. By chance to you have a SLI video setup? I know some of these drivers have caused problems in the past.
  8. doesn't seem to be that issue because I have latest bios and drivers. Also if that were the issue with irq it would not work at all. My internet works for a random amount of time. I believe the issue is spoolss.exe I am not 100% sure if it is. But I am pretty sure it's not a hardware problem.
  9. My Yukon came with cable monitoring hardware. If you have it activate it and see if it sees the cables different length or changing. I had one that was ding that, Had to clean connections and re-do one of the cables. What length cable are you using?
  10. 6 foot cables. I found a solution though I used winsocketfixxp.exe and it fixed my problem. At least so far it has.
  11. I've never heard of that one, is it part of windows?
  12. No it's third party software I found it's free and very useful now that I know it is a solution for my problem. Just search it up on google.
  13. omg the program didn't work it still happening. I am so pissed now
  14. Do you have another nic you can install to test with. You may have to RMA you MB.
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