Is voltage to high

I have corsair MS ddr2 800. I had to up the volts to 2.1 on my ram to get my e6300 to run stable at 2.4ghz. Is this to high? oh also I have it running at 677

NM i just changed it to 1.8v and am running orthos now seems to be doing fine. SO great but if you like to answer the previous questions for my future refrence go right ahead
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  1. what would you consider a dangerous voltage to my ram. also another question about ram in my bios I dont have a divider ratio between the memory frequency and FSB frequency all I have is an option to pick system memory frequency /533/667/800 well I had to set mine at 677 to get me E6300 at 2.41 am I losing more than Im gaing by setting the ram back to 667 instead of 800
  2. Why did you put more voltage on it when you underclocked the ram? You went from DDR2 800 to DDR2 667. So really you would need less voltage.
  3. yes, running at 2.1V when 1.8V is stable, is too high.

    The more advanced answer is that it depends on the specific chips and the real voltage the board is giving them, and airflow, and whether there are heat spreaders (and well 'sunk against chip, etc). In other words, if the chips feel hot instead of warm, it's too high.
  4. well it barley feels warm but my timing is super loose
  5. well this is the best I can get it to with out uping the volts

    CPU 2.4
    CPU VCORE 1.325
    MEM SPEED 800
    MEM VOLT 2.1 "STOCK IS 1.9"
    TIMING 6-6-7-19

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