Windows 7 won't accept keystrokes on login screen

Hello, I'm not able to get past the password login screen in Windows 7. It won't accept my keystrokes. I've tried doing a system restore, using F8 and using the last good configuration, booting from a Windows 7 CD, etc, with the same result. Please help!
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  1. Update: I discovered that if I switched my wireless mouse and keyboard with a USB mouse and keyboard, both worked and allowed me to enter my password on the login screen, then everthing was fine. The only thing I can figure is that the latest Windows update screwed up my wireless keyboard and mouse drivers! Now the only thing is I don't know how to get back to Windows recognizing my wireless keyboard and mouse without encountering the same problem again. Please advise!
  2. Update: I figured out how to get my wireless keyboard and mouse to work again. 'Had to resync them. 'Hope this information helps save someone else a lot of frustration and time! I think maybe a virus got through my Norton Antivirus!
  3. Hi there, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Glad you figured it out. Always a good feeling.

    Some of the newer wireless combos don't have a battery indicator warning so they can just stop functioning until they get a fresh AA cell.

    Other thing to remember is that you can go to the Control Panel (Mouse or Keyboard) and check the hardware tab. A windows update or other new app could switch that combo to a different default device so it might not function properly until switched back.

    Always good to have a 'legacy' mouse and keyboard handy to swap in when there's any question. I have one of the first IBM wired keyboards that audibly and physically makes a click, I still enjoy using for testing, or new computer startup.
  4. I dodn't think the wireless keyboard/mouse drivers are loaded at that point. If legacy usb is turned on in the bios, it should find the USB mouse and keyboard just fine.
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