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How does this Asus cooling device look:Link
I know its cheap. but its all I can afford for now. Will this last until I can spend a little more? I will not be ocing, so hopefully temps wont rise too high.
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  1. How long do you think it will last? And will the temps be pretty low? I'm a little paranoid about overheating.
  2. I have an E6600

    All the reviews looked great but I don't know.
  3. That fan will work, it won't be better than an average stock HSF that usually comes with the CPU. Didn't you say in another thread that your CPU didn't come with a sink or fan? You won't get mad-cool temps with this if you try overclocking your E6600, but it should be fine for you if you're just looking for a budget solution to finish up your build. These chips run quite cool compared the the old Netburst-class chips.
  4. Ok that's good information. I ended up going with a Masscool 90mm. It looked a little more stable.
  5. tbh you should have bought artic cooling freezer pro 7 for budget its good performance and cheap
  6. I considered it but at $35 it was a little too pricey. Maybe later.
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