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I have one pc wired to a wireless router and a second pc wireless through the wireless router. I have internet connection on both machines. How can I set it up for home networking file and printer sharing, do i need a access point or can i use the wireless router as one.
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  1. You just need to turn on file and printer sharing, on both machines if you want to go both ways. The default folder is MS "Shared Folder" If you want other just rt click on the folder and set the apporiate rights.
  2. Do you not have to go throught the network wizard to set it up if so what do you select, i can surf on both but not access files or printers.
  3. File and print sharing is tied to your port connection. Once the servies is started. Do a rt clink on a folder you want to share then select Sharing and Security". You will need to check MS firewall too. There is a option to allow local subnet, or specify. If you work on public or multiple networks, you may want to specify which IP to allow.
  4. So file and printer sharing is tied your existing internet connection, all you have to do is assign shared folders and files. Do u not have to setup a host computer and network settings.
  5. It is tied to ports which is where all of your networking services are spawn from. The wireless router will make the connection between computers. Make sure you have a valid name for your PC. Rt clink on my computer , select properties, then Computer Name. Also make sure you are on the same Group. Change from default.
  6. So all you have to do is change the default group and assign a name other than default for each and it should work.
  7. So wha tis the network wizard for when it asks you what computer is the host and what settings you want.
  8. I never have used it. It is for share a network connection. It will work if you answer all of the question correctly. At the end it will allow you to save your setup to a floppy or usb stick and take it to another computer.
  9. Do u not need to share the connection???? So all u have to do is make a group name the same and different computer names and have the same name for the shared folder.
  10. You do not need to share the connection, unless all trafic goes through one PC. You have a router so this in not the case, So the Answer is NO.
  11. o it is pretty straight forward and basic
  12. So if it goes through the router and i have internet what all do i need to do.
  13. Setup:
    modem -> router -> to pc's (wired or wireless).

    If you want to share files located on pc1.
    pc1 must have file and printer service turned on.
    then, Select files you want to share, set up access.

    pc2 will be able to see your files (pc1) under network neighbor.
    connects to pc1 folder, enter password if security was set up.

    For pc1 to see pc2 files, file sharing must be setup on this computer too.

    ( Your internet connection is through the router ? YES or NO )
  14. The internet is through the router, pc1 wired, pc2 wireless
  15. Did you get your file sharing to work?

    You can share a single file or folder.
    I have a NAS so I don't share files on local PC's
  16. have not tried it yet
  17. How do u turn on file and printer sharing, does xp home have that function.
  18. How do u assign a group name or change it
  19. To turn on file sharing you have to check the box after MS tell you the security risk.

    Yes XP home has it.
  20. Group name can be set by rt clicking on my computer properties, computer name.
  21. Where do you go to check the ms box after it tells you the risks.
  22. do u check off the box thats say allow user to connect remotely to this computer on My computer properties.
  23. YES
  24. I got it working, thanks. how do u setup a password to get on or to protect files
  25. When you rt click on the file to make it shareable, you can add pw for read or read write depending on password.
  26. where do u put the password i did not see it, why do u map a drive if u want.
  27. If you did not add a password when you set up sharing you need to un share a do it again.

    Mapping is used to auto connect to network drives. Very useful if you have an application that does not allow you to browse network drives. Just map a drive letter to it, then all you need is to do is specify the map drive letter. Just as you would and other local drives.
  28. how do you setup a pasword when you setup the files sharing, i did not see that all i did was add group names and computer names. it asked for one before i set the second machine up by default and did not know what the pw was or how it did it.
  29. Once you share it protection goes away. It was an option with Win 98.
    If you have a pw protected login (to pc) you may be able to make it private, but not sure.

    I use a NAS which has all of the user rights control. I for get what window offer.
  30. When i setup a group name and a computer name i dont see a place to put a password on it.
  31. Come to think of it, If it doesn't ask when you share the folder, You may not be able to protect it.

    I'm using a NAS box, so file sharing is turned off on the local machine. Plus it's a raid 1, where all of my backup goes.
  32. So anyone on the workgroup can access it or can you password the workgroup.
  33. Only files defined to be shared are shared.

    It's called File Sharing. Do a search on XP help for sharing. It will give you some more detail.

    I think it's in the Shared folder, it has one set of rules. Out side of it, I don't know.

    Like I said, I use a NAS for all of my file sharing. Have complete control of users and or group access. I don't trust MS for handling security.
  34. Hey is a sata 2 raid alot faster than a ata raid setup
  35. NO, the file transfer speed are almost identical. The main advantage of SATA is that you can Hot Swap, stage or delay spinup. The SATA has a lot of other features built into the SMART tech.
  36. FYI - for beginners the easiest thing you can do is use the wizard so you are not making 50 clicks turning everything on by youself. The wizard will guide you through all of this and make those clicks by itself. Although if you want to learn more about how it works then the way you went through it was the best way.
  37. Should be fastser its 300 mb/s as to the ata 133 and are newer drives and also in raid 0 setup
  38. would raid 0 be fast for 2 or 4 sata 2 drives
  39. how can i cool my cpu down, i have 3 case fans and 1 on my vid card and it still get to 75 or so degrees celsius. it is a p4 775 socket 630 p4 2 meg cache. On laod it goes to high
  40. Quote:
    how can i cool my cpu down, i have 3 case fans and 1 on my vid card and it still get to 75 or so degrees celsius. it is a p4 775 socket 630 p4 2 meg cache. On laod it goes to high

    Do you have thermal paste on die of the CPU? If so then you may want to look into a better fan or water cooling. Water cooling may be you only option of getting it significantly lower then that.
  41. Quote:
    would raid 0 be fast for 2 or 4 sata 2 drives

    Not sure on this... I have never setup raid.
  42. It runs that hot before i set it up on a raid, this cpu should not be that hot.
  43. Try a different fan and new thermal paste.
  44. Quote:
    how can i cool my cpu down, i have 3 case fans and 1 on my vid card and it still get to 75 or so degrees celsius. it is a p4 775 socket 630 p4 2 meg cache. On laod it goes to high

    Look for a higher-end heat sink. Chances are you have one that is 'rated' for your CPU but it's not effective. I always go over kill on my heat sinks.

    Also, on your fans, you should have 2 of the 3 working as exhaust, one pulling in. The exhaust will create a natural vacuum to pull the air in. If you have a bunch of air blowing in, you're not doing a good job at removing the hot air.

    Thermal paste will help.. barely unless you have a good heat sink.

    I've had good luck getting high-end heat sinks cheap through this person's store. I recommend them unless you can find the same thing cheaper elsewhere.
  45. Is there a real big difference between sata and sata 2 speeds in raid 0 or 1 setup.
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