IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error giving me BSOD on XP install

It's a STOP: 0x0000000A IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error.

You see, I had Windows running on my PC, but I kept getting these random restarts, so I decided to reformat the hard drive and try a fresh installation. During my fresh installation, I run into a BSOD with the above error. I keep trying and trying and trying to install Windows, but nothing works. I'm really in need of a computer to access the internet, so I pop in a Linux Live CD of Ubuntu, and it worked flawlessly.
Unfortunately, I'd much rather have Windows XP, as I just paid $200 for a new copy of it, and I have BF2, CS:S, WoW, and C&C Generals just waiting to be played.
So anyways, I ran the Memtest that came on my Linux CD, and about 50 minutes through, I had around 180 errors.

This is my build:
Antec Sonata II w/ 450W PSU
BIOSTAR TForce965PT Motherboard
Core 2 Duo e6300 @ stock speeds
eVGA Geforce 7900GS
G.SKILL 1GB DDR2 800 ( )
Seagate Barracuda 250Gb
LG 18X DVD±R Super-Multi DVD Burner With 12X DVD-RAM Write
Crappy Floppy Drive
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

I'm pretty certain the issue here is not CPU overheating, as that hardly ever goes past 30C (Arctic Silver 5 and Freezer 7 Pro kick ass).
I'm thinking I should definitely RMA that RAM before pay some guy to come to my house for $150/hour to say, "Your RAM is defective."

Any thoughts? Or should I go with the obvious and return the RAM? (and how long does the RMA process take? I was hoping to play some games before winter break ends)
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  1. Quote:
    Well if a Lenix Memtest came up with errors then you have problems with your RAM. Try running Memtest86+. If any errors show then you have a bad stick of RAM.

    Yeah it was Memtest86+ that was on my Linux CD.

    Too bad it's Saturday, RMAing this thing is going to take forever :(
  2. You may want to pull your ram and reseat it. Make sure its all the way in there. I work on computers in my office (students) and sometimes there'll be a mis-inserted stick in there and it could cause errors like that.

    Just something to possibly circumvent an RMA while you are waiting around until Tuesday.
  3. if it is possible with your motherboard, set the timings and voltages to your RAM manually.
  4. What is your current RAM voltage? The RAM is rated 1.8-2.0V but if the motherboard gives a "weak" 1.8V, it might cause errors. Try setting the voltage to 1.9 or even 2.0 and see if it solves the problem.
  5. How about try other RAM slots?
  6. I've tried re-seating it a couple times, but that didn't help.
    It's currently set to 1.8V, but I'll try to manually set that higher.
    As for other RAM slots, I haven't tried slots 3 or 4, so I'll get on that.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll give everything a shot.
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