heat of a north/south bridge

does the heat of the north/south bridge matter!?!?!...like the farther i overclock the processor,memory,etc will the southbridge/northbridge run hotter???

is it worth cooling or is the stock heatsink doing its job?...i touch the heatsink and it feels quite a bit hot, like cant stand the heat on my finger for more than 20 seconds hot.

i can pick up a nice 30 dollar water block for it...

yes i know the southbridge is for i/os and northbridge is the important one..details please!!!
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  1. LOLzz

    Cant stand the heat for more than 20sec... SISSY!
    That is pretty cool actually. So i wouldnt even bother.
    My NB, even with a fan on it, i can touch for more than 1 sec.
    And the SB, prob 3-5sec MAX.

    Dont waste time with water on that, IF it gets super hot a small fan will work fine. And yes, the more u oc the hotter it will get.
  2. OCing does increase the heat of your NB(SB not as much, it's hot but normally stays that way, thats why the blocks are for NBs only), many times by alot, especially if you increase the voltage.

    in order to overclock your CPU your motherboard has to be able to handle the speeds too, the more you overclock the more your making your motherboard operate at above factory standards, the heatsinks on the chipsets installed are only to handle factory settings and only a bit more, in order to OC your CPU you gotta go through your board and OC that hand in hand, and OCing anything in computers adds excess heat.

    if your thinking about watercooling, you should only do it if your OCing by a large margin. if not, a fan or a large fan less heatsink should be find. If you OC and you want to air cool swiftech has a great fan + heatsink combo for chipsets, heard it works wanders.
  3. Check out the Jing Ting chipset cooler....works for me...Heat pipe/fan system
  4. the DS3 being passively cooled does need airflow across it, especially if you are running 400+ fsb. the stock cooler or any blow-down type is more than enough. If you are using one of those side blowing types (ultra-120, tuniq tower, whatever) you'll probably need to add a fan.
  5. What type of cooling do you have for your graphics card???

    I have an Accelero X2 and my temps are 44C/70C 8O

    Still better than stock: 55C/89C

    But yours... 8O 8O 8O
  6. Quote:
    What type of cooling do you have for your graphics card???

    Thermalright hr-03
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