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Is there a site somewhere that can help me find components that are compatible with Linux? I'm ready to build my system, but need to make sure I get the right parts first.
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  1. Somebody has just asked the same question over in this thread.

    I'm not sure which is the better place to ask the question. Might be worth checking it but there are not many people hanging out in the Linux section at the moment.

    This would be a good place to start

    Linux Hardware Compatability
  2. You could check manufacturers' websites for linux drivers.

    So far linux has supported everything I've thrown at it. Compatibility is not a big issue although of course there will be exceptions. I don't think Creative soundcards can work on linux for example (certainly not the EMUs).
  3. AudioVoodoo, I missed that thread somehow when I searched. Wasn't sure which section was better to post in, the topic sort of straddles the line between hardware and software. Now I'm even more confused though. They say on that thread that nVidia has better Linux drivers than ATI, but when I checked both companies' sites (before seeing that thread) nVidia didn't list a single Linux driver.

    mcgruff, good to hear you haven't run into any problems. This ancient Pavilion I'm on now (600 MHz, 192 MB RAM, 15GB HD: don't laugh, it's paid for) works just fine.

    I'm not sure what problems I expect, but when I look at the specs for motherboards online they list all the Windows versions specifically and never mention Linux. This heap was built around Windows 98 (it's that old!) and functions perfectly under Ubuntu Linux, seems logical that any other mobo which handles 98 should handle Linux, doesn't it?
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