6600 instability is my life

bought a 6600 GT after reviews on this site NOTHING but heartache!!! Continousd BSOD all the parts vendors for my new build blame one another for instability of system. Then I start hearing about 6600 performance issues. Does any1 have an advice on how to fix my prob ? I plan to borrow a friends ATI card to see if the instability goes away.

SO far I have swapped individually obtained ram for kit of 2, tried multiple versions of older nvidia drivers 9mobo is nforce 4 board so I use 4 or 5 diff nvidia drivers)

system specs AMD 64 3400, ECS KN1 Lite V1.0 mobo, 1 G kingston value ram, 200 G maxtor HD, DVD rw drive, XP Home OEM, Forsa 6600 GT 256 MB
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  1. Don't worry about the other system parts just yet. Try a different video card to see if that helps. If so, RMA the 6600 for another one. Are you using the latest drivers from the web or from the CD?
  2. web tried using older drivers to see if there was a difference but was none
  3. Probably just bad luck and got a bad card. Ever wonder why the Forsa's are so darn inexpensive compared to other vendors? RMA it or sell it.

    Could jump up to the 7-series if you want more performance, but thats another day.
  4. Please post your power supply's wattage and amperage on the +12V rail as the 6600 is quite a power hungry card and may require a PSU upgrade. Also an underperforming power supply is the most likely cause of instability.
  5. antec 450W PSU is less than 1 yr old
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