Upgrading CPU from Athlon 64x2 3800+

Is the Athlon 64 FX-60 still the best upgrade, or should I be looking at the opteron line?
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  1. not to be an @ss but why do you feel the need to upgrade anyways? unless your doing cpu intensive work, there is no need IMO. but yeah if you do feel the need, go with the opteron.
  2. If you overclock, you might be able to get 2.6GHz out of the 3800+ (that would make it a 5000+) for no extra charge
    Or if you want more, go for a cheap Opteron, and overclock that.
    Some Opterons can do 2.8-3.0Ghz (even the cheapest ones)
    Even if it does only 2.6GHz, you still have a FX-60 for a fraction of the price.
    2.4GHz = 4800+
    2.6GHz = FX-60
    2.8GHz = FX-62

    Think it over :D

    My next upgrade will most probably be an Opty 1210
  3. If you really want to feel anything, then I would suggest you buy a second-harddrive and put the two in RAID0. That would boost your computers perfomance!

    Change to a new AMD these days is just not good, an Intel Core 2 (doesn´t matter wich model) will be better than any AMD... Either save your money, or bur Core 2. That´s my best tip.
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