Is an extended warranty necessary for acer

Just purchased an Acer Aspire, but chose not to get the extended warranty for $59.99. Model was $749. A AS5740G-6979. Of course I was encouraged to get the "accidental" insurance (if I drop it, spill, etc) but that was $169.

Haven't bought a laptop in 8 years, so the whole "warranty" thing is lost on me.

Shouldn't the one year manufacturer warranty suffice.

Feedback please!
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  1. Hello:Extended warranties are like insurance, you buy it for
    peace of mind and/or because you can't risk paying the
    full replacement/repair cost
    Finally, I do think extended warranties on laptops make a lot of sense
    because laptops are notorious for having problems
    Best of luck on your purchase
  2. I suggest that you get the warranty. My Acer broke down 2 months after the 1 year manufacturer's warranty expired and It was cheaper for me to go buy a new computer that to have the Acer repaired. Needles to say my new computer is NOT an Acer.
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