This disk is write protected

when i want to format my mempry card (amall sd card) connected to memory card shows dat the disl is write protected...hw wud i get rid out f dis?????????????
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  1. and i am not able to delete anything separately frm it too......i cant dell nythng :'(
  2. If its a SD card it should have a write protection switch. Put it to off position.
  3. You need to slide the switch indicated below so that it's in the position shown:

  4. if you have a problem like my stepdad and me had with his memory card

    for us it was probably our really cheap card reader about £5 for internal

    there are 2 possible solutions

    1. right-click on files/memory card and make sure that read-only is unchecked

    2. after making sure the card is not hardware locked look at picture in post above, if that dosnt fix it follow on to step 3

    3. you can put the card in a camera and reformat it and that will fix it, most cameras seem to ignore if the data has been flagged as read only (in software not hard ware
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