Overclocking XFX GeForce 5500FX

Hey guys, I have a XFX GeForce 5500FX and was wondering what would be a good overclock for this card.

The specs are 128 bit memory interface, 256MB DDR, stock core clock was 270mhz and memory as 800mhz. I used coolbits "detect optimal frequencies" but only got to 276mhz core and 807mhz memory. This was very disappointing to me.

Idle its running about 30C...but after alot of gaming it doesnt get higher than 45C

I have a P4 at 2.6ghz
760mb of mismatched ram at 133mhz running in single channel
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  1. Try using ATI tools to overclock.
    It has a "find max core" and "find max mem" feature along with an artifact scanner to help you top it out.
  2. Thanks outlw6669 Ill let you know what happens
  3. No prob.
    GL with your overclock.
  4. Well considering this is my first time overclocking I think I did fairly well

    I got a 9% increase in core and 8% increase in memory
    Core clock is 294mhz memory is 860mhz

    Max temp is still around 41C so I can definately push it farther without artifacting, but for now I want a stable card.
  5. to overclock: to stick in microwave and change the time 10 minutes forward
  6. that microwave thing really worked out great for me!

    but anyway i got back to overclocking and got my core to 314mhz and memory to 872mhz stable with no artifacts
  7. Did you do a pre and post 3dmark test?
  8. Actually I did (using 3DMark05)

    Pre: 292
    Post: 324
  9. Hehe nice scores :lol:

    But seriously I don't like coolbits as much as I like ATI Tool (I just discovered it yesterday!) and I thought it was one nice piece of software for video card overclocking although Rivatuner would be my second favorite.

    Anyway I personally like ATI Tool over coolbits and rivatuner too.
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