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I'm thinking of getting wireless TV for my lap top. I was wondering how user of PCTV to go unit worked out for them? Any problems
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  1. It actually works, I was surprised. The picture quality is decent and set up is secure so you can keep passwords on it like you would on a router. The only problem I am having is while using cable internet also, I experience downloads from 600k down to 50-70k when I have the PCTV router hooked up to my Linksys Wireless router. I don't like that very much and I hope that I have something setup wrong or there is another way.

    I was actually registering on this forum to ask this questionbut I saw that you already did...So hopefully more can comment on this and help us both out.
  2. Thanks for your input.
  3. I would not recommend this based off of personal experience. The software isnt that great and its really hard to get reception. I think its a great concept gadget just needs improving.
  4. Thanks. Probably better to have TV turner hard wire into cable.
  5. Ok, thought I would give a little more info since I've been trying to get mine to work properly and still give me the bandwidth I was used to..

    Ok, so I took the PCTV router and unplugged it from my router have 2 seperate routers with no physical connection between the two. I did notice some if not most of my normal 600k stream come back but since my PC is using a linksys wireless NIC i guess its still relating to the PCTV router. Anyway, one thing to always keep in mind is that if you want to use this type of wireless gadget your gonna have to have a wireless-G rated NIC because 802.11b wont cut it. It will tell you that it needs "G".

    I just thought I would share that much because thats what I've come across so far..
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