Which video card can I get?

Hey I'm looking for a video card for my new HP. Getting a new power supply is out >.<. Here's the link to my PSU http://www.power-on.com/atx12vhp300btr.html
Any suggestions? I've been thinking of getting a 7600gs but I dunno if it'll work since my PSU doesn't have a PCI-E connector. Thanks in advance.
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  1. that particular card doesn't need a PCI-E power connector, so it will work.
  2. Most 7600GS's don't need the extra power, the PCI Express slot will do fine. I'm running a 7600GT (no power adapter needed either) overclocked to 635/1.55 with no problems on my HP with a similar 300watt Bestec. Previously had a 6800GS with no problems and that used far more power overclocked.

    And on most cards that require extra power you can just use the power adapter, usually included. Convert 2 four pin peripheral connectors to a six pin.

    May be able to go up to 7900GS because it doesn't use much more power than the 7600GT.

    Ta ta,

  3. Could just buy a stock ATX powersupply and mount it on top of the case and have the cables run through the powersupply bay. Hey, it looks messy but it'll work :D
  4. Yeah, a 7900 GS might work. They say it requires 20A on 12V. It looks like that HP PSU has 19A. That could be sufficient.
  5. I think you will be able to handle a GF 7600GT , try to get that card because the GF 7600GS is to weak, and is not work it,
  6. Like mentionned here, the 7600GS/GT all stay within the 60W power envelope (the 7600GS consumes under 50W even under full load), so neither of these cards need a PCI-E power connector. Your stock Dell PSU should be able to handle either of these cards.

    As far as the x850 series (similar performance to the 7600GT, but draw more power), and the 7900GS, I can't tell you for certain that your PSU will cut it. THe 7900GS is based off the 7900GT, which can draw 80W or more under load (I've seen a few measured benchmarks of this, but I don't have any links at the ready). These certainly require an extra power connector, and might draw enough current to overload your DELL PSU (likely 300W). Just something to watch out for.

    Happy New Year !!\

    edit : Dell/Gateway/HP, I didn't notice your brand wasn't DELL but they're all comparable when it comes to low power PSUs.
    Also, since a 7600GT can routinely be found for 100$ or less (someone on these forums spotted one for under 80$ recently), and the 7600GT is no slouch by all means (especially compared to whatever embedded/x300 horror that came with your PC), it would be the best solution (in my opinion) for a cheap but worthwhile upgrade. THe 7900GS and x1900GT/x1950Pro PCI-E can be found around the 150$ range nowadays, if you want an even more powerful card - but then you will likely run into stability problems (insufficient current from your PSU).
  7. Are you sure that the 2 four pin to 6 pin is included with the graphics card?
    I was looking at this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814143049#spec
    and it doesn't seem to be in the package contents.
  8. The 7600GT (all models) does *NOT* need an addional power connector.
    It draws all the power it needs from the PCI-E bus.
  9. Thanks, a 7600GT it is then. I've been itching to get away from this intel GMA 3000. My 5 year old 32MB Geforce2 played games better than that. :roll:
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