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Can somebody resolve the following problem:

I bought an Logitech Quick Cam Messenger en installed the newest software en
When I start the viewer, delivered by Logitech, the cam works during a few
seconds and then the picture
turns black. Only after restarting the computer, the cam works, but again
for only a few seconds.
It seems as if the cam is turned of by Windows XP Professional.
I'm working on a LapTop.

I asked the helpdesks of Logitech as well as Fujitsu (producer of my
I cannot resolve the problem.

Did someone meet this phenomenon before and found a solution?


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  1. I didnt run into this same problem. But I have the same camera and had some troubles with MSN messenger not letting go of the drivers.

    The pre-installed Messenger needs to be configured the same as the new version. Try Run > msmsgs.exe > Tools > Audio Tuning Wizard
    Set it up like you would the new version. Close the program and try the new version.

    Like I said, I didnt have the same problem but there was some funk involved in getting it to work for me.
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