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Hello, My laptop has the blue screen and i can't go to safe mode too, i am usin windows 7
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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    Please give us as much information about your laptop as possible, make, model # etc. when it last worked properly, and what may have occurred just prior to the BSOD, such as a windows update, video card update or upgrade, a BIOS update, unusual behavior that might point to a virus, etc.

    Also tell us where in the boot process the BSOD occurs, before the splash screen, after the splash screen but before the 'Loading OS', before the 'Windows is Starting', before the Logon Screen, or even after you are on the desktop. Does it occur every time, or just intermittantly?

    Finally with the BSOD, please copy down and report what the screen says, hex error code, any reference to a driver, etc.

    That way one of the group can give you the best information possible.
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