Help! nv4_disp Driver problem?

I just built my new comp less than a month ago. I've been playing The Ship, a Half Life 2 Steam, online mod, and I've been getting crashes. I'm pretty sure my comp is over the recommended settings. This time when The Ship crashed, my monitor went to idle mode, and I couldnt get it back until I restarted. Just before it crashed, I saw this message in a error window(not the blue screen):

The nv4_disp display driver has stopped working normally.

What the hell does this mean? Is it something to do with nVidia drivers? I had already updated the nvidia video card drivers before this happened. Can someone help me with this or point me i the right direction?


Below is the specs for my comp.
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  1. I ran 3dmark after I had put everything together, and apparantly from that it had no problems...
  2. It can also happen when you have overclocked your card and your PSU cannot handle the overclock. It happens to me.

    Have you overclocked your card at all?
    Post your PSU's amperage on the +12V rail and brand/wattage.
  3. I havent overclocked my video card myself, which is a 7600GT, but I think it came already slightly overclocked. The VGA Core Clock is 578.6 MHz (580) instead of the default 560 of normal 7600GTs. The memory clock is at 747.0 MHz (750 vs700).

    My PSU is a XION: at 500 watts. The amp ratings are : +3.3V@35A, +5V@45A, +12V1@18A, +12V2@20A, -5V@0.5A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.5A, and it seems to have gotten fairly good reviews.

    However, the gigabyte mobo doesn't have a didacated pci-e power pin for the video card, but this shouldnt be too much of an issue should it? The slightly better DS3 doesnt have one either and seems to have great reviews, including ones by toms and anandtech.
  4. Oh yes, and the driver version of nv4_disp.dll is
  5. mpmphhh, That Psu looks like it would be able to handle the 7600GT and I don't think the 7600 series requires more power than the PCIe slot can provide. Not too sure about the brand though, Xion...

    If it only happens on that one game then yeah I would go with mpilchfamily's explanation and say that the game mod has some bugs in it. Check around Steam's support to see if other are having the same problem as you are.
  6. Yeah, I'm going to check with the game support also. The first problem started with The Ship, but I am also getting crashes(stops) in Half Life 2 during the horrendously long loading times. Its not every time, but on some loading times(in-game), the hard drive light blinks, then after some time stops and doesnt blink again. The game freezes on the loading, and I have to restart. I don't know if this problem is related to the nv4_disp issue above though.
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