I have a problem,

my computer won't turn on anymore..

the onboard led light just keeps blinking blue.

It was working fine then i turned off my computer and left for about 2 hours then when i came back it wasn't working like I said above.

I built the computer around september so about 4 months.

ASUS p5b Deluxe
e6600 conroe
ocz ram 800 4-4-3-15 1gb
stock fans
7950 GT nvidia
xfi xtreme gamer sound card
600w powersupply by seasonic i think?
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  1. Reset the board-

    Eirst- if your power supply has a switch in the rear, turn it off for 10 secs, then on. If no switch, then pull the plug for 10 secs, then reattach.

    Try powering up now.

    If that does not work, use either the reset pin on the board ( pull the jumper, move it over the next pin and back again- consult the MB handbook on how to) OR

    Pull the round flat cmos battery for 15 minutes, then reinsert, should fire up.

    I had the deluxe wifi 965 board, required me to pull my sata cables off and on again once in a while to get a boot to windows. It would post, but not boot to xp.

    Check your memory voltage in the bios, a lot of them are set to 1.8v, and most "Good" memory needs 2.0v or better to stay stable.

    Mine never could pass Orthos till I uped the stock voltage.
  2. ok well pressing the switch off for 10 seconds didn't work so im right now i reset the pins and waiting for 15 mins for the cmos battery...
  3. UPDATE:

    still blinks...

    When i press the power button nothing happens.

    The motherboard onboard led just keeps blinking still

    Just wondering but I have a warrenty on my powersupply and motherboard so if I return both of them this wont affect my harddrive will it?
  4. hey im having the exact same problem as you are with an asus p4p800 e i posted it in the cpu section for some reason. but i also tried restarting the bios and pullin the battery but to no avail. this has happend to me once before and all i did was pull everything including ide sata and it worked but i think it was luck/gift from god. i will try and see if it will work and keep you posted.
  5. Try pulling the 24 pin main power connector. and shorting the black and green line, this will tell you if your PSU is tango uniform.

    Use a bent paper clip to put the two together.

    Also, as I stated, I had to pull my sata connectors and power cables to them once or twice to get things started.
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