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After installation of win 7. I tried to input the prod key number which resulted in an invalid eerror message. It says to rreinput the number. Which I did several times with the same rresult. So I'm stuck. Pls help. Thanks bill. I'm on my wifes computer. Please use
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  1. How did you acquire your copy of Windows 7? If you bought an upgrade disk, did you format the hard drive before attempting the install? What operating system did you have before? Is this a new computer?

    Please include more info on the problem.

    Oh and by the way.... you can thank Steve, not Bill. Bill no longer runs the show at Microsoft.
  2. Prophecy, I'm new here, but I've got the feeling that this guy's expecting people to e-mail him the solution. And yes, he definitely didn't give enough details.
    I've found Win 7 to be a fairly trouble free upgrade as far as upgrades go. I've upgraded three systems with an upgrade family pack. On one of them, I replaced the hard drive with a bigger & faster one; I was able to an upgrade install on a clean hard drive. I was prepared to install Vista and then upgrade but found a workaround off of the 'net.
  3. I know.... too bad I won't be emailing him.

    Edit: It's also too bad that he posted his email here in the first place. He will now feel the spammers wrath, as his inbox is bombarded with crap.
  4. LOL! I didn't think about the spam angle.

    It's been a long time since I hung out around computer forums, but yeah, I remember that people showed no mercy for breeches of etiquette.
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