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I've built a few computers before but I'm about to build a new one and with the growing importance of power I'm going to try to pick up a decent PSU. I am never going to use crossfire but I will be upgrading the video card to a dx10 card within the next year. I will also do some mild overclocking in this new system but nothing extreme. I'm also on a tight budget(college student) so I'm looking for a decent budget PSU. Here are my rig specs:

MSI 965 platinium mobo

e6400 c2d

ati x1950 xt

2 gigs of corsair XMS2

250 gig WD sata/3.0 hardrive

Rosewill Case

I was going to buy this PSU since and would match my case and a decent price with good reviews.

But am hesitant due to the fact that they are not a top tier brand. What do you guys think?
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  1. I agree with what mpilch said rosewill is not a very good power supply and I recently had one die on me (Thankfully everything else lived through it's death).
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