Motherboard won't let me select booting device?

I just bought a Biostar 6100 and Opteron 165.

It starts up and recognizes the RAM, CPU, I can even go into the BIOS.
It has my DVD drive and HD listed as master drives.

But when I press F9 to select booting device nothing happens (I need to install XP).

What should I do?
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  1. Are both drives IDE and on the same channel?

    Normally one navigates through BIOS using the arrow, enter and escape keys. Are you sure you are in BIOS setup?
  2. Does the screen ask you to press f9? If not, try the "del" key on the lower right side of the keyboard. If still no response, check your keyboard connection.
  3. you should be able to set your boot device from inside the bios, no boot menu (f9) is necessary. also make sure legacy usb support is enabled in your bios or your mobo might not always recognize input key commands from a usb keyboard
  4. Thanks for the replies. I figured it out like 10 minutes after I posted.

    I was accessing the BIOS through the Delete key and finally found the boot sequence setting and changed it.

    Is it strange that F1 works, yet F8 and F9 didn't?
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