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My name is Melvin and I was an avid Pogo player until last month. The reasons for leaving is simple:
1. There seems to be something fraud about the system stating that there's jackpots to be won, but no one I've seen or know for 8+ years have ever won.

2. Somehow, there are players called "bots" that knows how to rig the system to keep players from winning consistently.

3. There's no way to stop players from starting a game and then freezing you out by sitting at the table and not clicking the play button.

4. Far to many glitches happening on popular games such as Dominoes, Cribbage and other games alike.

Money is not free flowing for me and I don't enjoy being cheated by players and the playing site. I will seek out ways of getting to the company and send out a complaint if the matter is not resolved.
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    They only use email support.
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