Using a stock 939 hsf on an AM2- Good, bad or impossible?

I'm looking to rebuild my wife's system with an X2 3800 AM2, and I have the stock cooler from my Opty 170. I won't be over clocking her pc. I'm just not sure if the mount is the same. I'm just trying to cheap out on her rig-would save $17. Thanks
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  1. I think you'd have to drill new holes.

    "One of the biggest visible changes is the size of the retention module, which is now fixed on by four screws rather than two."

  2. Thanks for replying !
    I'm already a fan of Arctic Cooling- My rig idles 33-34C @2.5 GHz.
    I had read that the stock AMD hsf are pretty good even with a little OC. I was just unsure about the physical connection, but it looks like I'll be getting the retail instead of the OEM chip.
    Thanks again
  3. AMD's stock coolers are actually pretty decent in their own right and don't require as much force upon installation as the current stock Intel heatsink (which causes people to back off of the pressure for fear of braking something, which leads to bad contact and high temps), but yes, if you get a good aftermarket cooler it will certainly be better. A believe a number of aftermarket 939 coolers WILL work in AM2 by only using two of the bracket's holes, but you'll have to check the specific model.

    edit - it seems that some that just use the basic clip-on will work, but anything that's any decent will need to be AM2 specific.
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