Which case to buy?

My build is as follows:

CPU: Dual Core E6700
Mobo: EVGA 680i
GPU: GeForce 8800 GTX

I am not sure what case to go for though, the three ones that I was considering were:
- Gigabyte 3D Aurora GZ-FSCA1-ANS
- Antec Nine Hundred (although this review put me off somewhat)
- Coolermaster Wavemaster.

Which case is the best for my build? I'd be particularly interested to hear the thoughts of those who actually have one of these cases.

Also - will the 8800 GTX fit inside? I found a thread on HardForum the other day that showed cases it would/wouldn't fit into, but I couldn't find it again.
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  1. I recently looked for a nice and cheap case. I came up with the Sharkoon Rebel9. Lots of space and quite cheap.
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