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Ok I got my parents old computer and wow old is an understatement. Anyhoo, I figure the best thing I can do with this is turn it into a Music Jukebox and hook it up to the stereo reciever since its about useless for anything else other than surfing the web.

Motherboard: AOpen AP5T revision 3
Bios: 1.5 (needs to be updated and will be doing so later on today)
Operating system: Windows 95 update 950B
HD: Maxtor 3.0 Gb IDE 40 pin
Ram SIMM 32 (upgrading today to DIMM PC 100 256 Mb)

I have downloaded the user manual for the motherboard in a PDF and it says nothing about the maximum size for a HD although I found a website with some specs that says max 32 Gb but I have a hard time believing this 100% since I found HD max size nowhere in the instruction manuel. I have read though with updated service packs for windows 95 that its possible to use the "FDISK" tool and FAT 32 to create a partition and utilize larger Drives and I believe with my current version of 95 this will be possible.

Here is a link about FDisk

So, am I limited to what the motherboard says is the max size? (apparently 32 Gb) or can I do this windows 95 tweak to try and get a large drive installed & working? Does anybody remember this particular AOpen motherboard model, I have read it was one of the top boards at its time from a review at anadtech so maybe there's a lot of former users. Or was this just an issue before the OSR2 service pack? Or because I'm going to add a large second drive as slave and keep win 95 on the 3 Gb drive does it matter at all?

Any help will be much much appreciated :)
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    You might be up against geography, though. That initial bios for that mobo AND THE FAT16 FILE SYSTEM of W95 allowed only 3g to be seen.

    Format the 3g (using a W98 boot diskette) and install 98SE. Run this hd as Master on the Primary IDE connection (end connection on the ribbon. If one end is colored - this goes into the mobo).

    Install a second hd (your choice as to size) as Slave (middle connection on the ribbon).

    You're good up to 137g in FAT32 file system (actual reality is 127.5); IF THE NEW BIOS CAN RECOGNIZE IT! (good chance that it will). Remember that the fdisk utility will only be able to "see" 64g. This doesn't mean anything as to reality. Check in the BIOS, and what W98 sees.

    Nothing to lose.

    BTW, that 32g thing IS a limitation in XP if you were to format using FAT32.
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