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Hello All

I recently ditched my S939 A8VMX board for an Asrock 939Dual-Vsta.

On my old board the highest I could get was 2.7, on this board I have hit 2.8 but it fails prime95... however I get great PCMark05 scores and Counter-Strike Source Video Stress test I hit 100.18 fps average with my x800xl 550/1200 overclock which makes me a very happy camper

The question is... if everything seems stable... games play fine... benchmarking apps kick ass... downloaded files are not corrupted... is a failed prime95 stress test a reason to ditch my currect OC?

When I get a chance... I will undergo the vcore mod which raises my max vcore from 1.45 to 1.55 which should solve my 2.8ghz stability problem... perhaps even a trip to 3ghz ville...

at any rate

If everything but prime95 passes... can I keep my overclock? or should I grow up and search for TRUE stability?
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  1. If it seems perfectly stable and prime95 is the only thing it didnt pass i would say go for it, but you might want to do another batch of torture tests before you start to use it regularly. You can never be too safe.
  2. P95 only confirms that you are making no calculation errors, for games and entertainment this is no setback.
    If you use the system for work or scientific calculations its a big problem since you might be resulting in incorrect solutions
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