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Hi guys,

i am looking to spend a bit of cash to buy a large-ish monitor. ive got a 8800gtx which ive heard is cpu-bottlenecked at resolutions of 1280x1024 (which my current monitor goes up to). so im looking to buy a monitor with higher resolutions eg the dell 3007wfp which goes up to 2056x1600 but that doesnt allow me to connect my xbox 360 to it. i would also like to maybe connect sky to the monitor, is this possible? this is not important though, i need a good quality monitor that goes up to higher resolutions but also allows me to connect an xbox 360 (and in future a ps3). i was thinking about the dell 2407wfp but this has had problems with 360 connection. im not looking for a super big monitor and in hindsight even 30" is too big but i was amazed by the resolution of the monitor. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
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  1. I'd say a good 1080x1920 screen would serve you well. Takes advantage of the max resolution of the 360, and still offers a challenge for the almighty GTX. The GTX is such a monster it is routinely being bottlenecked, but it still outdoes any other card out there, regardless of the CPU.
  2. are there any particular models which you would consider to be good. im not sure what to look out for to ensure that an xbox 360 will connect to the monitor. also are dell good monitor manufacturers or are there better? a lot of the tv compnay ones eg samsung, lg etc im sure about and i would like something a little more high-end to save me buying stuff again in the near future. what do you think?
  3. Make sure it has an HDMI connection. Preferably 2.
  4. Hello : I think you can buy an excellent monitor such as the Samsung 215 tw because it have the analog and digital inputs you need for the xbox 360 and works very well but if you want the maximun quality then buy the samsun 244t wich supports 1080 progressive native and looks 10 over 10 ...

    Here some links about the test to both of them ...



    Read both reviews i trust that guy ...

    Also see this pics comparing the difference in quality of a standard dvd and a 1080 progressive source ...

    See the last comment of this link my nickname is "OOO"

  5. If you are going to hook up a ps3 or an xbox 360, I would go with a monitor like this. It has hdmi, and hdcp so that in the future when you get into all this drm'd hd crap, you can still happily watch movies in beautiful high definition.

    At first I was kind of thinking about going 24" for my ps3, but when I saw the $400 price difference, I thought it was too good a deal to pass up. 22", by the way, is effing HUGE. It, as you can see, uses up most of my desk and is almost too big to use from two feet away, but not quite :D .
  6. As you asked for the best choice according to me is this
    BenQ FP241W

    Read its review here

    Go for the best as I would if you don't have a budget constraint after all you get these things in some years

    I am on a 22inch CRT now as my graphic design compulsion needs me to be color calibrated but I would go in for this avery soon as my main monitor and crt will be for picture editing only.
  7. Thanks for all who posted on this. lots of great info - thanks. i think i will save up some cash and get czarousa's suggestion - the benq brand is one ive heard good things about and the monitor is well-reviewed and well-specced. price is pretty good too considering the older samsung costs more! thanks again guys.
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