LCD resolution .. monitor & video card don't watch

monitor is 1680 x 1050 .. 22" KDS $299. at compuserve delivered

the closest my video card has is 1600 x 1024 w/ vga & dvi out

will work?

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  1. I have NEVER heard of an output resolution of 1600x1024. That's like a 25:16 aspect ratio. What video card are you running?
  2. If the video card uses a fairly recent ATI/nVidia GPU then your monitor's resolution should be supported. Which video card are you using?
  3. It's the monitor that is 1680x1050 .. very common monitor max / optimum rez.

    Asus Branded of nVidia's MX 440 GPU video card.
    125m ram, AGP 8, digital & analogue out.
    the drivers are all the same file for all the nVidia of that series .. I think
    driver: 10/22/2006

    many output options .. 1920x1440, 1920x1200. 1920x1024,1600x900, 1360x768

    but none (NONE) that match any the optimum / max resolution of the letter box monitors.

    22" long x 19" .. or something like that ..
    the more expensive 22"s today are the regular/ traditional rez. . more near square.
    the # of sq's of screen in the more traditional 'square' screen are 20% more than the new & less expensive letter box.

    it's a wide 19" monitor ..

    I just decided (I just changed my mind!) to get a sq monitor ..
    some one posted here about wanting to return to the standard screen shape .. didn't like the letter box & is willing to not use the full screen.
    I think I agree.

    MY eyes sight is less than optimal .. if I could run a 20"+ at 1024x780 ..
  4. If you're running Windows make sure you go to display properties, click the settings tab and then the "advanced" button. Once there go to the "monitor" tab and uncheck "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display." Then see if you can get the 1680x1050 resolution you need.
  5. Quote:
    Question if the resolution option wasn't there before then how is hiding the options that the monitor dosn't support going to make that resolution sudenly apear?

    The previous poster said to "uncheck" the "hide modes..." option, ie, making more options available, not hiding them. However, I don't see how this would help anyways because the native resolution should be appearing no matter what. As you say, it doesn't seem like a solution...
    It does seem like a very odd sort of problem. Its not like 1680x1050 is such a rare resolution.

    I don't understand your argument for returning to non-widescreen, but if it works for you, enjoy. Personally, I like having the expanded desktop space widescreen provides - its almost like 1.5 normal monitors. If you should change your mind, I would try finding a new(er) driver for your card. Since your GPU is old, perhaps the driver you're running dates from a time when widescreen was not widely available, and hence not well supported. Any nvidia driver should work on the card, though if its very recent it may need to be unlocked to allow installation on a 4 series. Obviously, very recent is not necessary as it simply increases the size of the driver with features your card is not capable of. (Then again, you could always treat yourself to an upgrade...the 6 series is very cheap nowadays)

    Whatever way you choose, hope you're happy with it.

    Note: you are right that running LCD's at non-native resolution permanently is not so nice. While playing a game, you can sacrifice, but you do lose quality so as a permanent solution its not good.
  6. Dood... dont worry about it.
    Once u plug in your new wide screen your gfx card will display ws resolution options.
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
    So yes, everything should work fine.... unless...
    u have on board gfx, in which case it MAY not support WS.
    But ne 9xxx ati or 4xxx nvidia card will work.
  7. Y'know, you may want to go ahead and spend 50 bucks or so for a 6 series card if you're gonna spend 300 bucks on a monitor. Anything from that era will totally surpass any 4 series card. But that's certainly your own perogative, and you'll probably be doing it in the future. Have fun with your new big monitor!

    If you have any problems with getting the right resolution when you get your new monitor, you may want to download the program powerstrip. It is also used as an overclocking utility, but another of its auxillary functions is to do custom resolutions/timings. That should be a last resort, though, as it can screw up your settings pretty bad, but not so bad that you can't recover from it. GL!
  8. no point in upgrading this box w/ new video card

    hope I can buy a new 'win box' w/o media center (or vista) later this year.

    the restrictive resolution requirements of LCDs is a concern
    I'm not a gamer & do not watch many videos
    99% text / text editing .. some photo editing (once per month or less)

    my 21" dell crt died & I'm using a 19" crt now .. just miss the big 'ol dell
    oh well .. such is life..
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