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I have high speed internet Quest DSL, so I use one of their standard modems with Actiontec wireless gateway. Click here to see modem
My desktop computer is hooked up to a printer and the modem. I have a laptop computer that has a wireless adapter, so I used the modem to give wireless access to the laptop, but I want the laptop computer to have access to the printer. What do I do?
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  1. I hope the installer secured the wireless side. Most installer do not, they leave the wireless open, no security. I don't know how may I have ran into like this, I lost count.

    If you are connected to the wireless router/modem. You need to turn on file and printer sharing on your desktop computer. Then select the printer and make it shareable. On your laptop use add a printer wizzard and follow the instruction for setting up a network on shared printer.

    Should be good to go.
  2. Oh Sorry but I forgot to tell you that I already have set the printer to share. On my laptop I tried adding the printer from the network but my laptop couldn't find it. In the printer list it said WORKGROUP which isn't even a printer.
  3. Is your workgroup the same between both computers? I would change to anything execpt what MS defaults are. And is the computer name assigned and unique to each?

    Some router have a setting to keep the wireless and wired sides private. If this is set you will not see each other.

    The printer could be listed under a group, but I would expect a machine name.

    You are using Home or Pro, on both.
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