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Okay, on my old computer which used windows vista the microphone worked perfectly and with fairly good quality aswell.
So on this new computer that has windows 7 which has the exact same sound driver: Realtek High Definition Audio updated to the latest drivers just like the old computer now records but does not pick me up very well.
After countless hours searching forums and youtube I haven't found out how to fix it I've tried:
-Uping the recording volume in the audio device manager
-I have tried uping the microphone booster to 30.00db (didn't work so well only caused white noise)
-downloading different audio codecs
-playback volume was uped had very little effect
-we switched microphone ports

Any help would be great.
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  1. Under recording devices, did you up the volume there, or just the master volume? You need to increase the volume under recording devices/microphone.
  2. Yes I tried that several times before I posted this comment.
  3. This probably is something you have tried already, but figured I'd post it.
  4. Yep, we tried all of that.

    Okay, this is a longshot
    to show people the audio difference
    Audio from the old computer:

    Audio from the new computer
    if you can't hear it the audio is there and that is after trying everything... The microphone is the same.
  5. Yeah, that is weird. My motherboard has the Realtek ALC889A codec on it and my mic works fine. In fact I've had people in game ask me to lower my mic volume a bit. All I did was set my mic volume (recordding devices) around 80% and set my mic boost to 20%.

    Did you install the driver only or the entire realtek audio manager? If you installed the audio manager, I'd makes sure all the settings look correct in there. If you haven't installed the audio manager, you may want to give it a try. I adjusted all my settings in the realtek audio manager.
  6. the audio manager settings are set to full in fact everything in the realtek audio manager is set to full we are using a laptop to record audio its great but we make video's for youtube lets plays and we are wanna use fraps which records audio from the mic and the game at the same time so that would make things alot easier however if the mic won't be picked us up in audacity, sound recorder or vlc we won't have any luck with fraps.
  7. Fraps doesn't even detect it as a device...
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