Single link DVI vs Dual link DVI

I understand the difference in resolution of the two types of DVI.

Hopefully, someone can give me a definitive answer to my question.

Can you use a single link cable (18-pin cable) in a dual link monitor/video card (24-pin female)?

I can simply try it out but I want to ensure that I won't lose quality. It's a matter of using a $25 dual link DVI cable or a free single link.
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  1. bump.

    I'll just bump it once. No one can answer this question? Come on DVI geeks!
  2. dual-link DVI is for high-resolution, up to 1920x1200 60hz you are good with a ingle-link, above that (up to 2560x1600) you need dual-link.

    so if the resolution is 1920x1200 or below then single link should be fine, otherwise you need dual-link, the plugs should be cross-compatible.

    Good luck
  3. Thank you, giblet!

    since my monitor has max res of 1440x900. I should be good with the single link then.
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