Second build ordered and parts in the mail. How did I do ?

I just ordered parts to build a new computer and wondered how I did .

Intel Core 2 6400 Processor
WD 250 Sata 16 mb cache 7200 RPM Drive
2Gb CorsairXMS 4-4-4-12 DDR2 800 Ram
Geforce 7900GS Video Card
Biostar T965p Deluxe Mobo Recommended by This site
Creative Xfi soundcard
Thermaltake Case
Seasonic 550 Watt Power Supply
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  1. Thanks for your reply. I am building this for a brother of mine. We were shooting for a good setup that can do a little bit of everything.
  2. would probably gone with the 1950 pro on that budget but just my opinion
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