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I realize that mixing ram is not recommended by any means but i thought id ask about this anyways. I already have 4gb OCZ platinum ddr3 1333 7-7-7-16 @ 1.65v. Im about to buy a combo and its coming with 4gb G Skill ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24-2n (also what is the -2N?) @ 1.5v and i was wondering if i could underclock the 1600 to 1333 and tighten the timings or overclock the 1333 and loosen the timings or if it is even possible to change the voltage and timings on the individual ram sticks. Thanks

Heres what i already have

heres whats in the combo
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  1. Get the OCZ platinum for $10 more than the GSkill, it'll save you a lot of frustration and time - that's worth the $10. Unless 1) this about about to become your new hobby, or 2) you are planning to expand your tech knowledge and do some experimentation.
  2. well i already have the OCZ.. i bought it thinking i would need it and realizing it was a good deal.. then i sent off the UPC code for a rebate only later to find out one of the sticks was bad.. so newegg wouldnt take it back and Im still waiting for OCZ to give me a RMA so im pretty much stuck with it. And yes i do think computer building is going to be a new hobby of mine
  3. Well then, get the ripjaws, and when you get the OCZ back start with the latency settings for the ripjaws (its latencies are higher/slower than the OCZ). Plan to raise the RAM voltage a bump or two in the BIOS since you're populating all the slots. You may have to change the voltage with only two stick in the slots - it may not POST @stock BIOS settings with all 4 slots populated. After you get it going, boot to the memtest86+ CD image to make sure the RAM passes.

    It's a great hobby.
  4. Do i have to run all the ram slots at the same voltage or can i change the OCZ and the ripjaws to run at different ones?
  5. Same voltage for each RAM slot, just one RAM voltage setting in BIOS.
  6. OK thanks, One last question. Supposing they dont work together, and i decide to use just one of the kits, would the ripjaw 1600 be faster even with slower timing or the OCZ 1333 with faster timings?
  7. I think the OCZ may bench faster because of its lower latency, but I doubt either of us could see the difference in actual use. Both are high-quality RAM. I suggest you try OCing both separately because your CPU will also affect your benchmarks. I keep a log of my OCing attempts listing the key frequency settings for CPU and RAM, voltage settings, etc., and then whether or not it POSTs, and if so, did the system pass memtest86+, and if so, did it boot to windows. Today's motherboards have so many BIOS settings, I find it hard to remember what worked and what didn't so the logs help me to avoid settings that did not work before.

    Locate the CLR_CMOS jumper on your motherboard (because you will be needed to reset your BIOS after failed OC attempts), and read your motherboard manual while you wait for your RAM. Also visit the OCZ and GSkill forums, as well as the forums the motherboard mfr has for your motherboard.
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