7600GS Problems

First of all ill give you info about my pc wich is "a bit" old:

MB Asus k8v-mx Via k8m800
Cpu Amd sempron 2800+ palermo
Ram 1x512mb kingston DDR400 CL3
GPU MSI NX 7600GS AGP 8x HeatPipe 512/128
OS Windows XP SP2

Well I ran 3DMARK05 after reboot at 51 degree of GPU core. And test result is 3555 at the end of test GPU core temperature is 70 degrees. Then twenty minutes past (PC is turned on) i ran same test again GPU core temp is 67degrees. Test result is 1742. Then i restart my PC to see if temperature has any deal with results. And after restart i ran test again GPU core temp is 65 and it collects 2058 3Dmarks. So i think the problem is because of to high temperature. It's my opinion I'd like to hear yours.
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  1. Anything under 74C for a GPU is considered cold.

    Are you running exactly the same version of 3D Mark, with exactly the same settings each time ?

    How much RAM do you have installed ? (If you don't have enough the scores will vary wildly between runs - OS Disk Cache, etc).
  2. Yea I'm sure im running same with same settings. I've got 512Mb of RAM. I'll get another 512 by the end of this week.

    And what can you tell about these pics :


    It's not rendering it corectly...
  3. I would think your temps are fine. I just had a similar problem with my 7800GS and it ended up being a driver issue in the long run. Gaming was extermely choppy and the card was only running itself at 1/10th of its potential power. It could also be some program in the background taxing your cpu and memory. I would go into Taskmanager and make sure that everything is idleing normally. Try to get the latest driver from the manufactures website or give these a try. . .

    They are from DHZer0point and are slightly modified from Nvidia's version. Works wonders for me.

  4. Are you running in 32-bit color depth with a 32-bit Z-Buffer ?

    Is V-Sync off ?
  5. Now ill try those drivers you gave me. I'm runing in 32bit and don't know about z-buffering, i guess its off. I don't know how to turn of Vsync on CS 1.6 there is no such option.

    And etomasula have you got latest drivers from DHzer ? I've read their website and found this: "We decided to release an "older" set due to the recurring issues with the 90 series drivers. Overall stability and performance were the best with these drivers so we're releasing them for your pleasure."

    But older version doesn't support my card. It says found no drivers suitable with your card. I'll try the new ones now.
  6. Which drivers do you have installed?
  7. I hawe 92.91. Now it's Dhzer. And when i ran second test computer locked and went down. I think it is posible PSU problem. But i'd like to try changing software first.

    Edit : it's 16a @ 12w rail
  8. I think those are the ones I'm running. Not sure though coz I'm at work now. I'll check at home and give some feedback. You can always get newer drivers from Nvidia's site. How does it perform with other games?
  9. I've tried F.E.A.R 1024*768 32bit evething maxed out for card exept some kind of High-end feature. Volumetric lights i think. this game is mostly in rooms and Fps is ~70 in more oped areas drops to 30 and above. There is a test in a game to check your performance through this test average fps is 41.

    Edit : After installing those drivers etomasula gave me it shows that memory frequency is 400mhz it was 800 with MSI ones.
  10. Prolly soft shadows. I've seen that bring some cards to their knees.

    Anyhow, weird problem then. Have you tried the newest drivers from the nvidia site?
  11. Hi. Your problem could be probably due to the "Nvidia Display Driver Service". Its power and temperature monitor service probably doesn't communicate with the video card's bios correctly, or vice versa. Therefore your card's performance is probably being underclocked or reduced. To disable it, follow this from:


    "To disable it go to Start>Run and type "Services.msc" (without quotes). This opens the Windows XP Services utility. Double-click on the 'Nvidia Display Driver Service' and select the Disable option under the 'Startup Type' box, then click OK. Disabled services are removed from memory after the next reboot."
  12. Thx for this. I'm working on it no w. Trying to do everthing step by step as website says.
  13. For test it's still crappy but in game it's way better. I'll keep these settings for now. I'm downloading CS:S now. If everything is ok with it then ill stop here :)

    Edit: it was Ok for F>E>A>R but when i turned on CS 1.6 map: de_aztec . It's raining all the time so look how it goes :


    How to get rid of this sh..
  14. Do you know anyone with another nvidia GPU to try with the same drivers on your board or have you tried the 93.71 drivers from here? Where did you get the card from?

    Are you using openGL or D3D in CS? I know my old card couldn't handle one of them (can't remember which one though).

    Everything else works fine though, right?
  15. I'm runing CS in OpenGL. My card couldn't handle D3D ( I think it should). There are no friends of mine who has Nvidia. Everyone is using Ati. One guy near me has some kind a dzeus nvidia, but we are not friends. I bought it in one of our country's computer shops. The manager of that shop is my brother's friend. So replace wouldn't be a problem..

    CS:S works fine in graphic stress test. With everything maxed out 1024@32bit 77~ Fps. But in game... with everything maxed out ~20Fps. No AA ir Aritroscopic then ~30...
  16. Can't you ask him to test it with cs 1.6? is everything fine in source though (coz you'll prolly be playing that)? If it works with sourch then it's ok I guess.
  17. In source screen where you can choose find server, create server... It drops trash (lines wich should not be there). After isntalling newest forceware the cs no longer drops those black boxes ( for now . But Fps some times drops to 30. And now this card is no better than my old R9550.
    And no, I can't ask him. My really good friend has AGP i think we'll change his ati with my nvidia and will see wat's going on...

    Edit: it drops trash in game (CS:S) and while runing 3dmark05 on 2nd test with flare.

    Edit 2: I guess the problem is PSU. Because its 300w. On video card's box they write that minimum 350w is needed. So ill try new PSU when ill get enough cash..
  18. Try that. If it does the same by him it's the card. Otherwise I'm clueless.
  19. I guess my BIOS wasn't about to give my card what it wanted to have. Because AGP voltage was set AUTO. Now I manualy set it up to 1.6V.
    And tests: 1 test went down on canyon flight because of my internet connection ( it was getting high fps tho ) second one went down in flare in forest ( high fps ) 3rd one went correctly got 3888 marks ( never had result like that) 4th one went correctly ( 3848 ) I guess it fixed a problem. For no it's running ok. I'll see if there will be any problems later. BTW temp jumped a bit but it's far away from slowdown treshhold (125C )
  20. Glad to hear. I've seen about 5+ 7600GS problems in the last 2 days alone. Sure as hell hope mine doesn't give me any trouble with my puny 300W PSU. Lotsa stuff to refer to for help though.
  21. Yea, 7600gs definetly has lots of problems :?
  22. I am definatly rethinking getting one and swapping over to ATI for the first time since the first All-in-Wonder cards came out lol...
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