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I am experiencing a very strange noise from the fan marked "Gigabyte AGP 8X" on my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7VAXP), which is powered from a socket marked NB_FAN. On the "Quick PC Installation Guide" which came with my PC, published by Gigabyte, this fan is labelled "VIA KT400 Chip".

Windows has failed to start once, however this may be related to a USB hub driver upgrade?

I have removed the fan and tried to remove as much dust as possible, however the noise remains. I am therefore reluctant to use the PC until I resolve the issue!

I would assume I need to replace this fan? If so please can you advise me which fan I should replace it with, or....how on earth someone who can barely spell motherbaord can work it out? .......And ideally a suitable UK supplier?

Many thanks for your help,

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  1. Just to say I sent the same question to Gigabyte, and for the cost of a stamped addressed envelope, they sent me a new fan. And they sent it very quickly.

    What excellent customer service!!

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