Need help with F8 BIOS version for DQ6 Mobo

Hi Y'all, Well I downloaded the new
New F8 BIOS for the Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 Mobo. <=--Cleeek here to Download it at your own Risk!!!

:( Anyone else come across these after upgrading problems happening to my system?

I had been using the F7 revision without any problems & OC'ing it at 3.4Ghz.

I upgraded to it, let it reboot with the default Optimum settings & all was fine.
Then I decided to apply the same OC'ing settings I had when using the F7 version.
8O Now, the system just gets stuck in a reboot cycle if it boots up getting past the POST at all.
At other times it boots up, but it won't give me any display output at all. However it will still boot. I know this cuz I can shut my system down remotely from my other PC once I wait about 3-4 minutes.
For the heck of it I went back to the F7 BIOS version & all was well again. I reflashed from within the BIOS setup & still the Same.Ol.S.H.I.T. What gives???

H-E-L-P??? Thanx.
PS: I'm still waiting on a response from Gigabyte's Tech support about this.
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  1. um other than the "clear cmos" jumper on the board, i have no other advice for you.
  2. That's the only way I was able to break out of any funkyness with this new F8 BIOS.
  3. ...bump... anyone?, anyone??, Bueller??, Bueller???, Bueller???, Bueller???
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