Overclocking E6600, Need some tips


Ill be overclocking my E6600 in my Striker-Extreme board. All I want is go up to 3.0Ghz which will be 334x9=3006mhz
Now, I thought of a chance to go further, maybe 356x9 which will make it 3204mhz. I really like 3.2Ghz but I was thinking that why shouldnt I try to go 400mhz FSB so it will be 1:1 with my RAM which is Corsar XMS2 1Gb DDR800 C4. That would mean 3.6Ghz.

Now my question is, how do I know when to increase the cpu voltage? and also, how do I know if I have to increase anything else or modified anything else?
I wont be messing with the RAM so I dont worry about it, I just want to overclock CPU FSB and make it 1:1 with RAM.

Any recommendations? I know the striker-extreme has the screen in the back but I would like to hear from you guys too.

BTW: I took a sec to read the overclocking guide, and yes I will follow the important steps in there like disable virtualization, C1E, Speedstep etc
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  1. Ok man thx for that detail. I will as soon as I start overclocking.

    Also, what is the maximum speed that the E6600 can go up to without increasing the voltage that you know is ESTABLE?
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