PSU - go cheap now and upgrade later?

I am undecided on what to do. I am building a c2d e6400 with 1950XT video card. I would like to OC at some point and upgrade to a dx10 card in year or two. Should I just get a good cheaper psu now and upgrade if need be when aqnd if I get a dx10 card, or just go for the larger PSU now and hope it will still work in the future. Here are the 2 PSUs on my short list. I don't think either will power OCing and a dx10, but maybe I'm wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions for a Sub $100 PSU cabable of my future dx10 and OCing requirements?

ENERMAX EG465P-VE FMA 2.2 ATX12V 460W Power Supply

FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX450-PN, 12cm FAN, version 2.0, 2 SATA, PCI Express, 450W Power Supply
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  1. Thanks for the info. Is there a lower cost 36A PSU you can recommend?
  2. This is the one i have, way overkill for my system, but still, you can never have enough power. Like mpilchfamily said, a psu for an oc'ed system with a dx10 card isnt going to be had for under $100. The 600w GamerXStream will porbably do the job too.
  3. i like antec power supplies myself,but heres a good deal after rebate

    it should take care of your needs,they also have the antec nine hundred case at good price after rebate, i know some people dont like rebates but i have done good with getting them all back
  4. I found this review of the BFG. It doesn't answer my amperage questions, but the reviewer states the ATX cables are short. Do you think that would be a problem with the Antec nine hundred? I had previously decided on the COOLER MASTER Centurion 5, but I think that is a good deal. I'm not into all of the flashiness, but I like the location of the USB & firewire ports. I don't mind rebates either.
  5. I too have heard problems with cables being too short for the Antec 900 (who's PSU bay is located in the bottom of the case) that's why I'm going for a modular PSU.
  6. i have never used the bfg psu but i did look before i posted and it has 2 12 volt rails and each is rated at 20 amps for a total of 40 amps.i dont know about the cable length but i seem to remember reading somewhere with that 900 case that the cable length could be an issue because the psu mounts at the bottom of the case. you could get the psu i have it has good ratings for amps and has the cable management system that lets you use only the cables you need to cut down on clutter. its priced better here than newegg
  7. You cannot expect to add the rails together and get the combined +12V rail output.

    Here is a review of the BFG Power supply to help you make a more informed decision. PSU Review

    The PSU actually provides 38A on the combined +12V rail 456W/12V = 38A
  8. im pretty sure thats how they are rated,if not it is at least enough to power his system
  9. With PSUs, never buy cheap now, good later.
    A good PSU will out-live the rest of your system. A good PSU will also provide a more stable voltage.
    SeaSonic is an example of a good PSU.
    If you want a 8800 GTX for example, get a 550w.
    Again, don't skimp on the PSU - this will last a long time and povide more stable power.
  10. All, Thanks for the advice. I think I have decided to go with the 600W GameXStream for now in either the Antec Nine Hundred or COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 case. This PSU is only $20 more than that BFG and probably a lot better in quality. No lifetime warranty though, so hopefully it will at least make it to my next upgrade.
  11. get a good quality psu right off the batt.

    its like a racing engine, build a solid bottom end
    then go for speed :lol:
  12. Also, check the PSU efficency.
    The SeaSonic for example has 85+%
    The Aspire has 70%.

    This matters for providing cooler power and more slient. The higher efficencies also show (to me) higher quality.
    Also look at the amps per rail and voltage range. This has to do with what kind of power is really getting into your component, not just total peak watts. (Some others on this formz can explain this better than me)
  13. Thanks, the OCZ GameXStream has an effiency of 80% @ 115V load.
  14. I am also looking at getting the OCZ, it has the cool blue lights that will shine through the clear acrylic case.
  15. Big Tuna, Thanks for the Antec Nine Hundred suggestion. I just picked one up. To me, this is a really good deal for $105 before the $25 rebate. With shipping, it's around $150 on NewEgg.
  16. no problem,im glad i could help 8)
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